Piano Teachers' Forum of Grand Rapids

Parent Organizations

The Piano Teachers' Forum is a local chapter of the Michigan Music Teachers' Association (MMTA), which is a chapter of the Music Teachers' National Association (MTNA).

Our History

The first meeting of the Piano Teachers' Forum of Grand Rapids was held on 21 April 1950 at the Women's City Club. The first president, Mrs. Dorothy Pelck McGraw, had called together several of her colleagues to form a group to "foster congenial fellowship among its members, to offer opportunity for beneficial interchange of thought and to stimulate teaching interest by listening to instructive talks." At this meeting a committee was appointed to draw up a constitution. Early meetings of the organization were occasional and often in the form of five-day workshops.

In 1951, the meetings were changed to the YWCA and then back to the Women's City Club in 1952. During that year, the Forum hosted the Fall Convention of Michigan Music Teachers Association at the Pantlind Hotel. The first auditions for State Certification were held in Grand Rapids on 30 March 1954. In 1956, the Forum became one of the first organizations to affiliate with MMTA.

Through the years, the Piano Teachers' Forum of Grand Rapids has seen increased membership along with enhanced member and student services. The organization is the proud sponsor of numerous competitions and activities for young pianists and serves as a vital resource for many piano studios across West Michigan.

Who We Are

The Piano Teachers' Forum of Grand Rapids is an organization that serves area piano teachers and their students by providing opportunities for teacher education, student performances and competitions, a teacher referral service, interaction with other professionals, and much, much more! Any local piano teacher is welcomed to join us.  
Our members meet on the second Friday of every month (except April) from October through May at the Women's City Club, located at 254 Fulton, in downtown Grand Rapids.  Our meetings begin with coffee hour at 9 am, our guest presenter at 9:30 am, followed by our business meeting at 11 am.  Lunch is available after each program by reservation.  A brunch is available preceding our May Winners Recital.  Our November Workshop is open to the public for a small fee ($20) and is free for our members.  That meeting begins at 9 am and ends at noon.